Juulia Salonen

Seaside Sounds from Finland


Juulia Salonen

Juulia Salonen, Photo: Lars Kastilan

“In my world the ordinary intermingles with the magical and unexpected.”

Juulia Salonen (born 1977) stands firmly with one foot in the Finnish music tradition and the other in Finland’s Swedish-language music tradition. With her light Scandinavian voice and captivating stories she is a versatile bilingual musician who works actively with performing, teaching and composing. In addition to singing, she also plays wind instruments, small kanteles, percussion and harmonium.

Juulia Salonen is involved in several ensembles such as Rävsson Company, Eppel & Peppel and Hertta trio. Both Rävsson Company and Eppel & Peppel combine music and storytelling and perform in two languages, Eppel & Peppel especially for children. Juulia also performs her own compositions (in Finnish) with Juulia Salonen Trio.

Juulia Salonen was born and raised in the capital region but has been living in Eastern Uusimaa for a long time. She has a Master’s degree in folk music from the Sibelius Academy and has also studied music education, storytelling, Arts Management and audience engagement.

More information: www.juuliasalonen.net