Seaside Sounds from Finland

Maria Kalaniemi

“For me folk music is a deep, human and touching art form, where your imagination has no boundaries. As a folk musician I can be a composer, a performer and an exponent at the same time. It is very demanding but also very liberating.”

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Désirée Saarela

“The lyrics, the stories and the feeling they withhold form the core of my music. I’m inspired by my surroundings, by people and relations, by the forest, the sea and the open landscapes, thenature itself – and it all becomes songs.”

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Marianne Maans

“The folk music of Swedish-speaking Finland, its untamed polskas, minuets and folk songs, have been my field of research during my entire life.”

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Juulia Björn

“In my world the ordinary intermingles with the magical and unexpected.”

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